What is in your window wells?

Roofing shingles
Smoker grill
Trash can
Milk bottle and trash
Bucket and trash
Trash and Tumbleweeds

A customer had purchase a ready made cover and found out that it does a poor job of keeping out snow.  Under the right or wrong condition (depends on your view point) blowing snow can fill up the window well with snow.

When a window well cover fills up with snow it can make escape during an emergency impossible. The snow can melt and leak into your basement.


The number one reason for having window well covers is safety.  Kids are attracted to uncovered window wells.

As the picture show kids playing in a neighbors window well.  Even if you  don’t have kids are grand kids there is a good chance your neighbors do.

On today’s new homes window wells are larger then ever. Large wells are dangerous for children, pets, and even adults. Leaving basement window wells uncovered is a gamble that should not be taken lightly.

Uncovered window wells are like a magnet for trash, tumbleweeds, leaves and especially young children who love to explore and play. Window well covers can do more then make your yard safer. They can also keep out weather, rodents, tumbleweed’s and burglars. We offer optional security chains to help protect your family and belongings.


Since 2003 we have been providing Colorado Springs home owners with the most options when it comes to basement window well covers. We offer free estimates and Military discounts.